Thursday, May 27, 2004

So....last night I went to a show at First Ave(I actually haven't gone a day without going there all week).

And I met the future Mrs. Kohout. Her name is Marnie, she's 23, is funny and smart, plays guitar and drums, can keep up a conversation, is REALLY cute, and she started talking to me.

Tonight we're going to go to the turf club if anyone would like to meet the new couple. And mark May 26, 2006 in your calendar as that is the day we're getting married.

I Love Spring.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Well, I think I'm going to start updating this blog on a regular basis again. My life is starting to get interesting again (as evidence, I present my lack of regular restful sleep).

This last weekend, I went to Chris and Sherri Kosel's wedding reception. It was a blast. I had grappo for the first time. And the other guests were all Grade A.

I also saw "The Legendary Pink Dots" at First Ave on Sunday....interesting.

more later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Sorry about my absence.....

I'm thinking of doing this at First Avenue:

Find out what happens when 40 local musicians are assembled into 10 new bands. Registration is $5.00 at the First Avenue Box Office from Wed May 14 to Tues June 1. Sign up early as spaces are limited.
Local musicians of every genre: pop, rock, folk, classical, electronic (you name it), from seasoned professionals to fresh-faced teens are invited to participate in the First Annual Twin Cities Band Slam.

Entry for contestants is now set up at the First Avenue box office. Just sign up the next time you come in. People
wishing to enter the contest pay a fee of five dollars to enter their name and whatever instrument(s) they play. Deadline for entry is June 1st.

Once all entries are in, brand new bands will be assembled and given one month to come up with 15-20 minutes of material. On July 11, the bands will play in the First Avenue mainroom.

Celebrity judges Jim Walsh and Melissa Maerz from City Pages and Mark Wheat from Radio K will be on hand to determine which group has done the best job of creating a viable band in the short period of time. Bands are encouraged to record a single, make buttons/posters/t-shirts anything they can think of and these will be included in the judges consideration. The winning band gets all of the entry fee money, an appearance on KQ Homegrown, and other prizes.

Filmmakers and photographers are also needed to document the bands from the first meeting to the final performance to add a visual element to that night's performance. And perhaps, time and resources willing, produce a simple music video. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Catherine Campion at