Tuesday, July 29, 2003

well, I did the Iowa bike trip. The milage ended up being about 470 miles, and my average speed was about 13 miles an hour (when I rode alone-my sis also went, and when I rode with her, I went much slower).

A couple interesting things happened.

1) The team I rode with was named "The Loons." Which, as you might guess (or not), ment that we had to have cloth loon heads put on our helmets. They looked......stylin'. Oh yeah.

2) Howard Dean, the presidental candidate, rode the ride a little bit. Check out the reference in this slate article.

3) Next year, after ragbrai, I'm going to ride France. I bought a tourbook today. This is a sure thing. Does anyone want to help me pay for it?

4) I decided I'd keep looking for a new house. The old people are too much.

that's it. oh, today I bought the new Jane's Addiction record...I'm kinda pumped.


Friday, July 18, 2003

Well, tomorrow I'm riding my bike across Iowa again. Why? Because I can't think of anything better to do.

How many miles is it this year? 450 exactly.
How many feet of climb? 16100 feet.
How much am I going to hurt by the end? A lot.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

I got my George Bush tax cut today. How much was it? $10 a paycheck.

I'm so very glad we squandered my future well-being for it. I can't wait when the day will come, because of the underperformance of my 401k, I'll be a poor senior citizen who won't be able to affort heat, medicine, etc. And the govt will be so broke it won't be able to prevent me from freezing in my apartment.

If you can't tell from this post and the previous, I'm having a shitty day. And my car is broken. And the old people I share my condo building with are just killing me (there is a chance that they'll pass a rule that will disallow me from parking my bike in my parking spot-which is about all it's good for).
I feel like a doer robot.