Thursday, August 29, 2002

If I've got one problem with my lovelife it's that I really like smart, funny women. In fact, if I'm going to be interested in them at all for more than a week they have to be as smart as me or smarter.

If I liked dumb girls I'd get laid nonstop and I'd be in a relationship. As it is, I hardly ever do and I almost never am.

With my friends in their relationships it seems to vary. Joey and his girlfriend have very different educational backgrounds. He finished college, she's just got her high school diploma. Zack and his girlfriend Angie are both college grads but Zack is quicker (in my opinion). Angie is kind of like my mother-slightly lost in the world (like me, I guess). Matt and Sarah are a near match-both college grads and they're identical as far as their accomplishments go. I look at my parents and I see they are both of very different levels of achievement. My mother, while she has her nursing degree isn't as outwardly smart as my father. He's got a really good deductive mind.

In the past, in college I'd always date really flighty girls...the weird ones. I liked them-they were smart, funny, kinda kinky :-). But they were also used to just being carried along. Plus I think they liked to use dumb guys :-).

Now I think I'm attracted to(and date) girls who are more emotionally stable but maybe my expectations about them being really bright and funny are too high. Maybe I need to date girls like my sister, who are good nice people, but aren't someone I can just talk to for hours.

I think I was a little whiney last night after I got back from the fair. I've looked at what I've written on one of my friend's blogs ( and I was kind of negative. I feel kind of stupid about it right now.

Luckily I've got a gigantic ego so I'll soon recover.
another reason I'm glad my friends liked it was because they were involved in radio like I was in college so they can view quality.

I think I've figured what genre what I write seems to fall into: geek folk- it's a combo of 60's/70's brit pop, pinch of jazz, olde tyme country.Al a Old 97s, but with the jazz.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

last night some of my friends came over and I ended up playing them some of the stuff I've written in the last few months. They liked it, and unless they've all of a sudden decided to say things because they're polite (because they've always given an honest opinion before), I'm pretty stoked.

Played about 4 pieces, plus a few sketches of things I've been toying with.

Before that I went to a appleby's and hung out for a few hours with this girl. She's a Pole and a waitress. mmmm, waitress.

today I left work at about 5 and went to the fair with my sister Melissa. She's thinking of going out with this guy who's rumored to be a coke fiend. I think I gave some good advice when I told her she didn't really want to have anything to do with this guy. Hopefully she'll take it.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

I'm going to leave work early...going to go enjoy the day.
Last night I was all set up to go to the fair with this girl I met-some things happened and it ended up not happening. Oh well, we'll go some other time.

So instead last night I went and hung out with Joey and we played Spades(the game was close), then we met up with Jordan we went over to Joey's girlfriend's place(she's Amy) in St Paul. Zack showed up, then Jordan, Joey, and Amy bought some illicit material that they proceeded to use. I didn't.

We then went to a bar till close, I went home, then I went to sleep.

As a note, my friends sure a stoners. They all watch SpongeBob Squarepants (a cartoon loved by children and stoners alike), they really know how the weed is processed (I suppose this makes them kinda smart stoners), they always seem to carrry papers, and they kinda smell like weed all the time.

We then watched the Breeders on a conan rerun, then went to the neighborhood bar for a while.

Monday, August 26, 2002

fyi, I got my new wheels. Haven't tried them out on my bike yet. I hope to tonight.

but I will say this-they seem much lighter than my old wheelsets. So fatty's going to go a little bit faster from now on.
I went up to Chris Kosel's girlfriends place on Saturday. It was fun....I tried his kayak-it was fun. It could develop into another sick hobby :-).

On Sunday I went with my Uncle Tommy and my Father to a ultralight fly-in....kinda fun, but it's not my sick hobby of choice. Belive it or not, it's a little too risky for me. And expensive, and the aircraft are a little too difficult to store.

I guess the neighbors upstairs have been snooping around about me a little bit....they've asked the caretakers if I've bought a new amp yet. If I haven't, they wonder why not. I could buy ones with headphones for only $75! Obviously, I'm not about to box up my ultra-cool, ultra-super sounding Fender Champ for some $75 Crate amp, and I'm kind of pissed off that these people think any of my shit is their business. I'm going to schedule a meeting to talk to the boad president about harassment. They fired the first shot, I'm going to finish it.

Friday, August 23, 2002

I think I might be kind of needy right now.

There's this girl at work, Kelly, and while there's not like anything going on I really have this deep desire to be reassured and told I'm special. This feeling is general to all women, I think.

It's not that I never get told these things, but it seems like people who tell me I'm good and fun and smart and stuff are those people who throw around those words so often it feels like they've almost lost their meanings. They tell you you're great like your mother always will-because even if you were a heroin addled prostitute you're mom would tell you you're awesome and stuff.

so I need a mean girl to tell me I'm super. is that too much to ask?
my email address is mwkohout at yahoo dot com.

This weekend the plans are I'm going to go to Chris Kosel's girlfriend's house tomorrow. I'm going to help him move a couch or something. Then on sunday I'm going to a air show.

on saturday sometime my rims and stuff should arrive, so I'm looking forward to a long ride on monday or sunday....or even saturday if I get home early enough.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

This week is boring. The only exciting thing I've done is go with matt michels and joe reilley to the uncommon grounds to play cards(of which I won, if you care to know). And all I did last night was go home and (very quietly) play guitar and eventually go to sleep.

Today, even though it was raining and looked really crappy outside I just yearned to be outside....but what do I do instead, once I get off work? I go to my parents house and eat dinner and vege out. And update this thing, and play guitar for a little while. I'm a shut-in, I guess. Or even worse, a shut-in that kind of misses living with their parents.

I think I need to find a girlfriend, or get a dog. If I get either one of those things, I think I'd have more motivation to do things, and to sleep at my condo. I could take the dog out...the area is filled with great places to go. Or I could take the girl out.....the area is filled with great places to go. But alas, I can't have a dog in my building and I only have a marginal chance of meeting a girl that fits my needs. Plus, it seems I'm working so much I wouldn't be able to take good enough care of the dog or spend enough time with the girl.

Hopefully everything will change for me once my new wheelset comes in....I know it will. Girls will love me more, work will cease being a chore, and I'll get a raise. Or, I just be able to fill more time riding. Which would be ok, at least for right now.

This weekend I'm going to an airshow with my father-he wants to get an ultralight aircraft and I guess this one is filled with 'em. Should be fun. And cheap! Which is good because that wheelset cost me more than I could really afford. It blew like a month worth of fun money.

I'm going to bed now. goodnight.
I think guitars and music is a cheaper hobby.

got these tires too.

just bought this, for $150.

I got these rather than get my wheels rebuilt.

Friday, August 16, 2002

This is how the slam works(or as I understand it):

a poet(or a group of poets) goes on stage and has 3 minutes to recite a poem. They can't have any props or nonvocal accompyment. Then they are scored-5 boards are distributed to the audience and the 5 people holding the boards judge them olympic style(1 through 10, ten being the best). Then other people from their team go, and the numbers are tallied up.

Then the winner is raised up on crowd's shoulders and one finger(or toe) is removed from each member or the loosing team and given to each winner to put on their keychain.

Simple, gruesome, fun!
tonight I timed another slam-I also did one last night.

This one was pretty good-as good as the one last night.

A lot of the poets really try to reach their audience. I think that's the key. The ones I'll remember the least are the ones that didn't really have a broad ranging topic, something everyone could grab hold of.

My favorite so far has been a poet who spoke about his wife and about the decreasing condition of their cars. He called it the "Shitbox Mistique." It was funny, and also aligorical for the increasing decay of their bodies( the fellow was older--early to mid sixties ).

Another good one I saw last night was a group presentation. It was presented as a do-op. To be honest, I can't remember the subject so well....I think it was a love poem.

Another good one that I saw tonight was done by this woman who talked about how she's white, but to her family, to her inner circle, she's irish. It delt with how the greater world tries to simplify us, make us generic. But we're not.

I wish I would have taken better notes, as I would have liked to decribe these things in greater detail. Anyways, I might get called tomorrow to do some stuff, maybe I'll bug Meghan and see if I can help her, but if this was my experience with the National Poetry Slam of 2002, I'll be very satisfied. I would also enjoy seeing stuff here, locally, during the year.

who knows, they might be able to talk me into doing something. I just have to find something twisted enough, fun enough, or sexy enough to talk about.

well, to sleep I go. have to get up in 5 hours.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

the web site I've been working on for the last while is going live tomorrow at noon-I've been pretty busy. Hopefully that will excuse my lack of posts lately
So I'm off to go do the time for the national poetry slam. It should be fun, and I look forward to hearing the participants, but I was really hoping to use this as a way of hanging out more with my friend Meghan....oh well. She knows my email/phone/sign. She can reach me if she wants.

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Last night, one of my friends(Joey) talked me into going clubbing (well, he didn't have to try very hard. I was bored, and I didn't want to sit around like normal). If you're a regular reader of this blog (if there is such a thing) or you actually know me, just about the worst way to describe me would be to describe me as a person comfortable in the club. Which is the way it was, until I got a little bit of the liquid courage. Then it was better.

After the club closed Joey and I met up with Zack at Little T's-I think I had the enchalada and a malt. I also complemented the waitress (and the entire wait staff) on their impressive street cred on their paper tablecloth (they give you crayons and stuff to write on it).

Ended up kinda screwing around until 5 or so, then I woke up around 11 and just screwed around all today. Read some mail, paid some bills, went rollerblading.

Tomorrow I'm going to look over my old usability notes for our usability meeting at work this week. I might also bring in the rear wheel off my bike-it needs to be rebuilt. Maybe-but I might also see about upgrading the hub to something a little lighter.

Friday, August 09, 2002

I'm listening to cheap trick. God, they're a great band.

I feel so guilty and dirty now, for saying that.

oh well. If a top shelf cool person can like britney spears (they exist! or at least one does, right Meghan?), I can like cheap trick.
Worked until about 7:00 yesterday. When I got home the old-timers in my building had decided to have a bbq, so I ate some of their leftover brats and hotdogs and corn on the cob. Then, after an hour of cleaning my place I decided to go rollerblading.

Ended up going for about 2 hours. It was nice.

Then I went to bed.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

this would be fun to go to:

• Next: 8/8,
The Fitzgerald Theater
10 Exchange St E
Saint Paul, MN 55101
• Click here for a complete schedule

# Buy tickets for Beck at AOL Box Office.

He’s shared the stage with everyone from the Olivia Tremor Control to Devo, lent voice to slackerdom with 'Loser,' survived the new pollution, unleashed a flock of midnight vultures and lent new dimension to the term "funky;" in short, Beck has breathed new life into the realm of popular music. Ever the one-man groove patrol, he’s a technical wunderkind whose imaginative studio trickery and natural songwriting prowess bridge the gaps between rock, hip-hop and techno sounds. Whether he’s stepping out as a lounge lizard or a young MC, Beck's a captivating performer, even if he’s strapping on an acoustic six-string for an unplugged set (as he will be for his current cross-country jaunt) or heading up his own groove armada. Between live dates, he’s putting the finishing touches on his next full-length album, due out September 2002. -- Susan Moll
Yesterday I had another really strange dream-I was getting married. And it didn't make any sense! I was getting married in this ruined church, It was all white brick(which I don't even think they can make), and most of the walls were in piles on the floor. I know the woman I was getting married to, but not in any romantic way. It wasn't anyone I'm related to, but I won't go into that any deeper. Because it would be weird.

I think I was having a good time though. I was wearing a nice suit... and before the ceremony my lady and I snuck away for a quickie. Cool.
Today is awesome. I'm going on a bike ride then I'm going to make some homemade minestrone...I haven't made it in a while so I should really enjoy it.

Monday, August 05, 2002

I had a really strange dream last night. It was strange in a number of ways. First off, the dream was a college dream. Second, the dream was that I was in a dancing musical (I think it was "The Music Man") that was a class assignment, and third, fat old Marlon Brando was in it.

While the sleep may have been strange, the day wasn't. Another work day, except I'm kind of frustrated about the planning of several people at whore-k(work! isn't that a funny alternate spelling?) who make several times what I do. It seems that they know nothing about software development, software engineering, project planning, or working with others. The seem to like the words, and I think they think the words sound neat, but they have no idea why they are neat or how to do them. They're like daddy's little kid. He may like diamonds and know they're expensive but he has no idea where they come from or what their physical properties are.

This weekend was cool. I went to a picnic with a bunch of friends (most of whom used to/do work for, and on Saturday went to Milwaukee to visit a friend and see "Jimmy Eat World." The drive ended up being about 6 hours, the sound quality was shitty. And I had to leave by 8:30 Sunday Morning to make it to Brunch with the family. So that stuff could have been better.

I had a date type thing last Wednesday. I was polite, I thought I was funny (I even brought out the good stories--not the crappy ones I waste on the average person), and I was even cute (my sister said so!). But when I called her on Friday to go to the Uptown Art Fair and left a message she never called her back. Too bad-I thought she was neat. I'll call one more time and talk to her or leave a message. If I don't get a reply, oh well.