Wednesday, August 21, 2002

This week is boring. The only exciting thing I've done is go with matt michels and joe reilley to the uncommon grounds to play cards(of which I won, if you care to know). And all I did last night was go home and (very quietly) play guitar and eventually go to sleep.

Today, even though it was raining and looked really crappy outside I just yearned to be outside....but what do I do instead, once I get off work? I go to my parents house and eat dinner and vege out. And update this thing, and play guitar for a little while. I'm a shut-in, I guess. Or even worse, a shut-in that kind of misses living with their parents.

I think I need to find a girlfriend, or get a dog. If I get either one of those things, I think I'd have more motivation to do things, and to sleep at my condo. I could take the dog out...the area is filled with great places to go. Or I could take the girl out.....the area is filled with great places to go. But alas, I can't have a dog in my building and I only have a marginal chance of meeting a girl that fits my needs. Plus, it seems I'm working so much I wouldn't be able to take good enough care of the dog or spend enough time with the girl.

Hopefully everything will change for me once my new wheelset comes in....I know it will. Girls will love me more, work will cease being a chore, and I'll get a raise. Or, I just be able to fill more time riding. Which would be ok, at least for right now.

This weekend I'm going to an airshow with my father-he wants to get an ultralight aircraft and I guess this one is filled with 'em. Should be fun. And cheap! Which is good because that wheelset cost me more than I could really afford. It blew like a month worth of fun money.

I'm going to bed now. goodnight.