Monday, August 05, 2002

I had a really strange dream last night. It was strange in a number of ways. First off, the dream was a college dream. Second, the dream was that I was in a dancing musical (I think it was "The Music Man") that was a class assignment, and third, fat old Marlon Brando was in it.

While the sleep may have been strange, the day wasn't. Another work day, except I'm kind of frustrated about the planning of several people at whore-k(work! isn't that a funny alternate spelling?) who make several times what I do. It seems that they know nothing about software development, software engineering, project planning, or working with others. The seem to like the words, and I think they think the words sound neat, but they have no idea why they are neat or how to do them. They're like daddy's little kid. He may like diamonds and know they're expensive but he has no idea where they come from or what their physical properties are.

This weekend was cool. I went to a picnic with a bunch of friends (most of whom used to/do work for, and on Saturday went to Milwaukee to visit a friend and see "Jimmy Eat World." The drive ended up being about 6 hours, the sound quality was shitty. And I had to leave by 8:30 Sunday Morning to make it to Brunch with the family. So that stuff could have been better.

I had a date type thing last Wednesday. I was polite, I thought I was funny (I even brought out the good stories--not the crappy ones I waste on the average person), and I was even cute (my sister said so!). But when I called her on Friday to go to the Uptown Art Fair and left a message she never called her back. Too bad-I thought she was neat. I'll call one more time and talk to her or leave a message. If I don't get a reply, oh well.