Monday, August 26, 2002

I went up to Chris Kosel's girlfriends place on Saturday. It was fun....I tried his kayak-it was fun. It could develop into another sick hobby :-).

On Sunday I went with my Uncle Tommy and my Father to a ultralight fly-in....kinda fun, but it's not my sick hobby of choice. Belive it or not, it's a little too risky for me. And expensive, and the aircraft are a little too difficult to store.

I guess the neighbors upstairs have been snooping around about me a little bit....they've asked the caretakers if I've bought a new amp yet. If I haven't, they wonder why not. I could buy ones with headphones for only $75! Obviously, I'm not about to box up my ultra-cool, ultra-super sounding Fender Champ for some $75 Crate amp, and I'm kind of pissed off that these people think any of my shit is their business. I'm going to schedule a meeting to talk to the boad president about harassment. They fired the first shot, I'm going to finish it.