Thursday, August 29, 2002

If I've got one problem with my lovelife it's that I really like smart, funny women. In fact, if I'm going to be interested in them at all for more than a week they have to be as smart as me or smarter.

If I liked dumb girls I'd get laid nonstop and I'd be in a relationship. As it is, I hardly ever do and I almost never am.

With my friends in their relationships it seems to vary. Joey and his girlfriend have very different educational backgrounds. He finished college, she's just got her high school diploma. Zack and his girlfriend Angie are both college grads but Zack is quicker (in my opinion). Angie is kind of like my mother-slightly lost in the world (like me, I guess). Matt and Sarah are a near match-both college grads and they're identical as far as their accomplishments go. I look at my parents and I see they are both of very different levels of achievement. My mother, while she has her nursing degree isn't as outwardly smart as my father. He's got a really good deductive mind.

In the past, in college I'd always date really flighty girls...the weird ones. I liked them-they were smart, funny, kinda kinky :-). But they were also used to just being carried along. Plus I think they liked to use dumb guys :-).

Now I think I'm attracted to(and date) girls who are more emotionally stable but maybe my expectations about them being really bright and funny are too high. Maybe I need to date girls like my sister, who are good nice people, but aren't someone I can just talk to for hours.