Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Last night I really wanted to go to the Wellstone memorial...but I ended up getting stuck here at work until 8:30 finishing a project we're launching today. I listened to it on my radio and it sounded awesome.

Yet another reason to hate spam.

Friday, October 25, 2002

from, an article titled 'A Mighty Heart'

This actually really ruins my week. If one could love an elected official one didn't know, Wellstone was loved by me. I feel really fortunite to have seen him a few months ago at my sister's commencement speech.

Oct. 25, 2002 | Win it for Wellstone Our country lost a hero today. Paul Wellstone personified the progressive tradition at its most hopeful and humane. He was a tough but never bitter competitor, a passionate but always pragmatic advocate -- a smart, fearless, dedicated politician who stood up and fought for ordinary people. The sadness of his sudden death, along with his wife, daughter and staff members, is overwhelming.

What a mighty heart Wellstone had. To continue the struggle that defined his commitment, he had surmounted serious illness and was on the verge of winning yet another election that he was expected to lose. Despite a truly vicious campaign against him this year, and even though he started his third Senate campaign as a decided underdog, the Minnesota Democrat was pulling ahead on the day he died.

Ever since his first stunning victory in 1990, the former Carleton College professor has endured relentless attacks by conservative bullies who seemed to think his small stature and earnest demeanor made him an easy target. But those who trifled with the former wrestler learned how mistaken they were to underestimate him. He was the very rare politician who always felt that even at moments of political defeat, there was victory in holding onto principle. During the past decade there was simply no politician of greater integrity in this country.

In a time when Democratic leaders seem to value caution over courage, Wellstone proved that fighting back leads to victory. He risked a vote against the war resolution, knowing that he would do better defending what he really believed. That conviction is his legacy.

He had much to teach the left as well. His patriotism was the profound love of country that emerges as deep, passionate concern for the people and the land. His lack of pretension and his dedication to healing the injuries of class belied the stereotype of the "limousine liberal." File footage running on the networks today showed him being welcomed into the union halls of his state by big, burly men who knew that this liberal intellectual was their best friend.

When nine miners trapped in a hole became a national news story, politicians and pundits suddenly asked a few questions about mine safety. They found Wellstone already there, demanding better funding and exposing the deficiencies in the federal mine safety bureaucracy. Mine safety wasn't a hot issue until that moment, and it quickly lost its momentary cachet once the miners had been saved. That didn't matter to Wellstone, who pursued the issues he cared about -- mental healthcare, minimum-wage increases, the lobbyist gift ban, national health insurance -- not the fads and fashions that attract TV cameras.

Wellstone's Senate colleagues in both parties mourn his passing. Democrats will miss him, of course, but so will many Republicans. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., was so choked with grief for the Wellstones this afternoon that he was literally unable to speak; Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., issued an astonishingly warm statement of condolence.

Those conservatives, who had regarded him from the beginning as a rather dubious radical, came to know a quintessential American, the son of immigrants who loved sports and married his high-school sweetheart. His own heroes were Eleanor Roosevelt and Robert Kennedy, who like him represented an idealism that is our best national tradition.

Foolish critics could be heard in recent years saying that Wellstone had compromised himself by learning the ways of the Senate and by befriending his ideological adversaries. They didn't begin to understand what he had become -- the happy warrior whose enemies could not help but love him. He wanted to get things done, and he did.

There were moments when Wellstone's liberalism seemed anachronistic, even to sympathetic observers. He wasn't always right. Although his instincts were usually correct, he sometimes resisted changes that made sense. Yet on the fundamentals of compassion and fairness, his insistent voice was indispensable.

This fine man cannot be replaced, but in 11 days there will be an opportunity to honor his life and work. Facing difficult odds, as he always did, the Democrats should pull themselves together, pick up Paul Wellstone's banner, and win this one for him and his family.
[2 p.m. PDT, Oct. 25, 2002]
You know, I've been analyzing my whole date thing. And I've been thinking that I actually didn't have that much fun-at least not as much fun as I have with girls that I'm not on a date with.

For example:
Most of my girl friends are *really* funny. This girl wasn't.

My girl friends aren't self absorbed. This girl talked mostly about herself. Boring.

My girl friends don't have a confidence problem. This girl had no faith in herself....and she liked talking about it. Which is just depressing. When you just meet someone you should be modest, but you shouldn't appear deflated. And you know, if she needed support for something, like encouragement to do something I'd provide it but if she's too scared to do anything it's....pathetic. And this is coming from a guy who considers himself pretty supportive.

But I'll see her again I think. At the very least to get my Frank Zappa compilation back, which I borrowed to her. But I'll allow myself to get to know her a little better-it's tough to evaluate someone in just a 5 hour span.

But to note-we didn't sleep together or anything. She slept on my couch. I'd feel really guilty about having these fundamental relationship issues with someone I slept with.

Oh, last night-saw the Samuel L Jackson movie "Formula 51." Ok, definite guy flick. And if that guy had some warm fuzzies for high school chemstry it was kind of fun.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

What a wild life I lead!

On saturday, my birthday, I went to go play football with nick eiden and a bunch of his peeps. Spent the day with all of them. We won the game. After the game I met a girl. She was a waitress. She asks me about my national poetry slam t-shirt, and next thing you know we're talking and stuff. She and I hang out most of that night. When I give her the ride home from Nick's place on Sunday we set up something for last night. Fast forward to last night. After I go to see 'Pedro the Lion' at first avenue, I pick her up at her bar(she's a waitress). I then proceed to make her an excellant soup at my place. We then talk (really! We talked!) for a few more hours-till 4 or so. Then we crash.

Anyways, it was a good time. I so thought this week would suck. Which it does in a major way because of work, but hey. At least it doesn't suck royal wank (which is the worst grade of sucking, in my opinion. at least 4 orders better than 'sucking in a major way' which is what this week is).

Confused yet? Then go smoke my hot ass.

Friday, October 18, 2002

it's my birthday tomorrow. 24. Who cares.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Last night instead of doing the whole gym thing Joey called and we went to go see 'I Spy' with Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy....and the sultry and hot Famke Janssen. Really funny, I'd see it again. It had action, comedy, reasonably smart humor, plus a decent plot. I thought.

After that Joey and I ran into an old waitress that worked for Joey. We ended up going to Old Chicago (in Har Mar) and I was a real nice guy and picked up a 50 dollar tab. Which proves once and for all I'm a real nice guy.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Went to the Minnesota Wild last night.

They won 4-1, scoring 3 goals in the first period and the final one in the last 10 seconds of the game when the opposing team had pulled it's goalie.

They played against Florida. I took my Dad. My sister called me this morning asking me why I didn't take her as Florida's Pavel Something-Or-Other is her favorite player. As you might guess, I didn't know this fact.

Tonight I'm going to do the whole gym run. I haven't gone since Sunday.

Looking forward to game 1 of the world series on Saturday.

I think I pissed off this girl I was talking to online a few days ago. She's a bass player I I got all jazz theory on her. Oops. I think she might have thought I was mocking her or something. I wasn't. She seems neat so I might try to fix that whole thing.

Monday, October 14, 2002

I've delayed this story long enough:

The 6th of October I went to Zack's girlfriend's party-I figured this would be a pretty tame event-she's a pretty calm person and in a year of knowing her I'd never really seen her go wild. I figured her peeps would be pretty much the same. So I drive out to her place and go in.

I feel pretty well validated when I first walk in. My friends Joey, Matt, and Sarah (the people I swam with the previous weekend) were there and we just kinda surveyed the scene. Kept to ourselves. But eventually this one really cute blonde in this fake leopard skin jacket (she looked like a Trailer Park honey--and I mean that as not a bad thing). She had been doing some drinking. Well, we start talking and she eventually talks about wanting to play a game. I forgot my cards and then she asks me if I have any change and I don't. For the moment she kinda disappears. I talk with Joey and Matt. Talk about the same old shit. Eventually she comes back. With a handful of change. And her jacket off, and she's pretty hot. And she puts forth some rules. With your eyes closed, someone places change in your hand. Guessing completely by weight you have to determine the value of the change. For every five cents off, the person guessing gets spanked. It ends up she guessed 50 cents off. So I spank her. 10 times. She complains I didn't spank her hard enough. So I spank her 10 more times, harder this time. Still not hard enough. So Joey, completely ruining this for me, decides to hit her really hard. He left welts. Needless to say the game ends and I don't get spanked at all.

I talk to her a little bit after that, she's a nurse. Works with kids with cancer. Good soul. Next time I have a party I'm going to make sure she's invited.

This last week has been boring-I watched the baseball playoffs, and when I didn't do that I went to the gym. Last night I had dinner with the fam-they gave me my birthday present early( $160! I wasn't expecting anything, honest ) because my little brother was home for the weekend from school.

On Saturday I saw 'The Transporter'. Ok movie for an action flick. Wouldn't see it twice unless I had an opportunity to get spanked though.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

I've been really busy this week but I want to put out there that I've got a great story from last wekend-basically, it involves me spanking a really cute nurse about 10 times at a party.

It will come out....this is one I have to share but not now as it's kind of bad here at work.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

I really want one of these-a Johnson J-Station.

I've even put one on hold at guitar center, and while I can't afford it I think I might get it. They're 150 in Guitar Center, about $100 on ebay. So I might try it out in GC and then actually buy online. Who knows.

ahhhh, I'm succombing to gear porn.

Gear porn is the term Matt Wilson and I have for those music magazines trying to sell us stuff that we really *do* need. Like a hole in our crotch. Or head. Really, the same thing.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Went to a job fair last night-it was depressing. The only types of jobs that I could have gotten were those in the fast food industry or like, UPS or something.

Then I went home and actually played my electric guitar for the first time in months at my own home. It was nice.

Also, my buddy Joey and I talked about him moving in-he'd pay me a hundred or so a month, plus get cable and dsl...he said he could sleep in my dining room area-he'd hang up some sheets or something. I'm kind of torn...I don't want to live alone but I also don't really want to live in a one bedroom condo with someone I'm not boffing. But it would be nice to have a hundred bucks a month and cable/dsl. I've got until the end of December to decide so I have plenty of time to think about it.