Wednesday, October 23, 2002

What a wild life I lead!

On saturday, my birthday, I went to go play football with nick eiden and a bunch of his peeps. Spent the day with all of them. We won the game. After the game I met a girl. She was a waitress. She asks me about my national poetry slam t-shirt, and next thing you know we're talking and stuff. She and I hang out most of that night. When I give her the ride home from Nick's place on Sunday we set up something for last night. Fast forward to last night. After I go to see 'Pedro the Lion' at first avenue, I pick her up at her bar(she's a waitress). I then proceed to make her an excellant soup at my place. We then talk (really! We talked!) for a few more hours-till 4 or so. Then we crash.

Anyways, it was a good time. I so thought this week would suck. Which it does in a major way because of work, but hey. At least it doesn't suck royal wank (which is the worst grade of sucking, in my opinion. at least 4 orders better than 'sucking in a major way' which is what this week is).

Confused yet? Then go smoke my hot ass.