Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Went to the Minnesota Wild last night.

They won 4-1, scoring 3 goals in the first period and the final one in the last 10 seconds of the game when the opposing team had pulled it's goalie.

They played against Florida. I took my Dad. My sister called me this morning asking me why I didn't take her as Florida's Pavel Something-Or-Other is her favorite player. As you might guess, I didn't know this fact.

Tonight I'm going to do the whole gym run. I haven't gone since Sunday.

Looking forward to game 1 of the world series on Saturday.

I think I pissed off this girl I was talking to online a few days ago. She's a bass player I I got all jazz theory on her. Oops. I think she might have thought I was mocking her or something. I wasn't. She seems neat so I might try to fix that whole thing.