Friday, October 25, 2002

You know, I've been analyzing my whole date thing. And I've been thinking that I actually didn't have that much fun-at least not as much fun as I have with girls that I'm not on a date with.

For example:
Most of my girl friends are *really* funny. This girl wasn't.

My girl friends aren't self absorbed. This girl talked mostly about herself. Boring.

My girl friends don't have a confidence problem. This girl had no faith in herself....and she liked talking about it. Which is just depressing. When you just meet someone you should be modest, but you shouldn't appear deflated. And you know, if she needed support for something, like encouragement to do something I'd provide it but if she's too scared to do anything it's....pathetic. And this is coming from a guy who considers himself pretty supportive.

But I'll see her again I think. At the very least to get my Frank Zappa compilation back, which I borrowed to her. But I'll allow myself to get to know her a little better-it's tough to evaluate someone in just a 5 hour span.

But to note-we didn't sleep together or anything. She slept on my couch. I'd feel really guilty about having these fundamental relationship issues with someone I slept with.

Oh, last night-saw the Samuel L Jackson movie "Formula 51." Ok, definite guy flick. And if that guy had some warm fuzzies for high school chemstry it was kind of fun.