Monday, October 14, 2002

I've delayed this story long enough:

The 6th of October I went to Zack's girlfriend's party-I figured this would be a pretty tame event-she's a pretty calm person and in a year of knowing her I'd never really seen her go wild. I figured her peeps would be pretty much the same. So I drive out to her place and go in.

I feel pretty well validated when I first walk in. My friends Joey, Matt, and Sarah (the people I swam with the previous weekend) were there and we just kinda surveyed the scene. Kept to ourselves. But eventually this one really cute blonde in this fake leopard skin jacket (she looked like a Trailer Park honey--and I mean that as not a bad thing). She had been doing some drinking. Well, we start talking and she eventually talks about wanting to play a game. I forgot my cards and then she asks me if I have any change and I don't. For the moment she kinda disappears. I talk with Joey and Matt. Talk about the same old shit. Eventually she comes back. With a handful of change. And her jacket off, and she's pretty hot. And she puts forth some rules. With your eyes closed, someone places change in your hand. Guessing completely by weight you have to determine the value of the change. For every five cents off, the person guessing gets spanked. It ends up she guessed 50 cents off. So I spank her. 10 times. She complains I didn't spank her hard enough. So I spank her 10 more times, harder this time. Still not hard enough. So Joey, completely ruining this for me, decides to hit her really hard. He left welts. Needless to say the game ends and I don't get spanked at all.

I talk to her a little bit after that, she's a nurse. Works with kids with cancer. Good soul. Next time I have a party I'm going to make sure she's invited.

This last week has been boring-I watched the baseball playoffs, and when I didn't do that I went to the gym. Last night I had dinner with the fam-they gave me my birthday present early( $160! I wasn't expecting anything, honest ) because my little brother was home for the weekend from school.

On Saturday I saw 'The Transporter'. Ok movie for an action flick. Wouldn't see it twice unless I had an opportunity to get spanked though.