Friday, August 23, 2002

I think I might be kind of needy right now.

There's this girl at work, Kelly, and while there's not like anything going on I really have this deep desire to be reassured and told I'm special. This feeling is general to all women, I think.

It's not that I never get told these things, but it seems like people who tell me I'm good and fun and smart and stuff are those people who throw around those words so often it feels like they've almost lost their meanings. They tell you you're great like your mother always will-because even if you were a heroin addled prostitute you're mom would tell you you're awesome and stuff.

so I need a mean girl to tell me I'm super. is that too much to ask?
my email address is mwkohout at yahoo dot com.

This weekend the plans are I'm going to go to Chris Kosel's girlfriend's house tomorrow. I'm going to help him move a couch or something. Then on sunday I'm going to a air show.

on saturday sometime my rims and stuff should arrive, so I'm looking forward to a long ride on monday or sunday....or even saturday if I get home early enough.