Monday, November 11, 2002

As bad an idea dating men would be, dating girls is almost as bad. Yesterday I went out with that girl that I met 3 or 4 weeks ago(and commented about on 10/25/02)....didn't have a better time.

While I'm not the most timely person I know, I don't fuck with people's time schedules by like hours. Unlike her. Last night, we had planned to go see '8 Mile' (which was good-kinda like 'Rocky' + 'Purple Rain') and we went to the mall of america. Well, we ended up walking past the T Mobile store and she decides that's a good time to figure out about getting a new phone. Which would be all fine and dandy had I not told her I was planning on eating dinner with my parents....anyway, that took like 45 minutes. By the time we got done with that, we went to the movie theater to buy tickets. Let it be known that we missed the 6 o'clock showing because it was time to check out the phone. Long (part of) the story short, I dropped her off at home and get back to my parents place by 11. Which sucked. I hadn't seen my Dad in 3 weeks since he had gone to Oklahoma for work.

Then again, I'm kind of pissy in general, and if she was more fun to talk to and willing to make out with me at the movie (just kidding-I didn't want to make out with her) I might have liked her more.