Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Take a look at this-I copied it from a blog on salon.com-very worthwhile.

Scott Rosenberg's Links & Comment: "The Web site for Harpers has an unusual new design that builds on its extensive back catalog of magazine content in semantic-Web-ish ways. It's not a blog, exactly. Paul Ford, of Ftrain.com, who designed it, explains the ideas behind it here. He also suggests that the work that went into the site may well make its way into a new 'open-sourced content management system based on RDF storage.' This is interesting because, so far, though RDF has generated all sorts of interesting theory, real-world applications remain not very easy to explain, or even find. Anyway, this sort of site-overhaul is always tough, even when it's not as technically ambitious as what Harpers has done, so congratulations to all."