Saturday, July 24, 2004

As any of you who know me and also own a working calendar, you know that this is the last full week of July-thus, it's RAGBRAI time.

What is Ragbrai?  Check out it's site, and/or pay attention to this blog.  Like years past, I'll try to blog my trials, tribulations, and love stories.

Today, I arrived at the starting town and I really don't feel prepared.  Few hours in the saddle(I've been working ALOT), and a kinda half-assed packing job might have me in trouble.  But I always feel underprepared, so this isn't anything new.

Well, short of any major developments I'm going to conclude this little entry.

If anyone I know wants a postcard(and you know-I REALLY do want to send one to you), drop me a line.  I've even got a bunch of crappy jokes for them!


PS-my pseudo-girlfriend is really great....we spent Thursday night together, and it's just awesome.  I can even watch a really crappy with this girl and have a good time.  blah blah blah, jabber jabber jabber over and out