Sunday, January 16, 2005

I hadn't seen my parents since Christmas weekend, so I'm spending it with them. Which is nice-I can spend time with them(well, mostly argue. About the past, which is pointless), read("F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life in Letters"), and play bass(I've got it and an amp here).

But last night I was able to sneak out and go to a party. It's theme was Hawaiian and I only knew the hostess (from the last place I worked) and a few other former coworkers. Anyways, I ended up drinking a healthy amount of wop, played Presidents and Assholes, and met a nice girl, who will hopefully give me a call.

Her name is Nikki...and she's going for her masters in Landscape Architecture. We talked about my impending position at the Walker, about St. John's(of course), First Avenue, and a bunch of other stuff. You know how I swoon over intelligent women, and I was in a full swoon.

I wrote some juicy bass parts today...hopefully I can remember them until I get home to record them.

Also, I want to change my recording rig to a Mac based deal: A powerbook, ibook, or a mac mini and Logic. I can get the education discount(because of my new job at MnSCU), but I still don't know if I can swing the $1000-$1400 price tag. But it sure has me drooling.

On that note, if anyone knows of some part time contract type thing, drop me a line. You should know the email.