Monday, April 10, 2006

My blogging buddies-

It's been so long. And I've missed you, but you never call.

But I figured I'd re-break the blogging bar seal and state my name, rank, and favorite cereal.

Big news:
1)I'm dating a girl again. She's nice, but a drama queen.
2)The Replacements reunited and recorded a couple of new songs. Dang. That means I'll have to buy the complete best-of disk they'll be on. Unless iTunes sells them individually.
3)I'm still playing piano, etc, and this summer I'll be playing with some jazz cats. Most likely piano, but I never get to play bass so I'm hoping for that.
4)Still. No. Car. Hate. People. On. Bus.
5)The bald spot is getting more noticeable. Pretty soon I'll have to use the Ron Popeil spray-on hair. Do they make it in shimmering red?
6)I've only listened to the first 5 tracks on the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, but I can say without a doubt I liked the first five tracks on their first album more.
7)I'm expanding to two cycling trips this summer-my regular Iowa trip in July, and the MS 150 ride in June.
8)It's only April and I'm wearing size 34 jeans! The bus sucks, but it at least keeps this bull too small to slaughter.
9)Still working for the state. Currently I'm writing online admissions software that allows potential students to apply to any of our MNSCU schools.

well, know you know what's up, and it's time for this fish, long thought extinct, to return to the deep murky brine.