Friday, September 15, 2006

Those of you with deep knowledge of my psyche know I love The Who. Townshend == God.
Here's a link to a web page with two of their new songs. Rockin'!

The last couple of weeks ideas for winter projects have been coalescing in my mind:
1) I want to build a kayak. The kayak I want to buy costs $3500. I can't afford it. But I think my rudimentary woodworking skills could make it happen. In junior high, I got a blue ribbon at the state fair for my birdhouse, after all.

2) I want to get involved with Smalltalk. And I want to make Smalltalk run on the JVM. Unknown to most people, Sun Microsystems( the makers of Java ) announced future changes to the vm that will make it much more friendly to dynamically typed languages. So, I'm going to write a Smalltalk to JVM parser and compiler. Or that's the hope anyway.

ciao, muthafuckas!