Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Gladiators is back on TV?

Oh my God is it 1990 all over again does this mean I have to listen to Vanilla Ice? Has TV really gotten that bad? Don't people have anything better to do than watch this crap, they're all fat but watching 'roid freaks on TV? I can't wait to see the XXL sized Halloween costumes for your fat spawn.

I've got a little brother's girlfriend staying at my house the next couple of weeks....she had the local Fox station's 9:00 news on when I got home last night. Shit. It's almost worse than the 'Roiders back on TV. The local news is one big advertisement for American Idol and MySpace....meanwhile, on PBS at least, there was a Frontline episode discussing the role of Dick Cheney in expanding the power of the executive branch. Interesting. Why isn't this on the news?

I never watch TV anymore('cept sometimes when I find stuff like that Frontline episode). No wonder why. Fucking TRASH.

The government should take away their broadcast license.