Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When life gives you Bacon, make Baconnaise

So I've been out of the country for about a week now; sorry for the lack of updates, but there is pretty spotty (free) wifi out here.

I started out in Dublin, and have since worked my way up the coast to Belfast. As a whole, I've enjoyed the trip. But my Bike Friday folding bike has some issues.
1) Homeland security screwed up my shifters somewhat, giving me use of only 4 upper gears on my rear cassette. And the bike store in Dublin I bought replacements for give me the wrong length cable-it's too short. And I can't find a bike store around here.

2) My trailer has lost a clip that prevents the right wheel from falling off. I've rigged up a replacement but who know how long that will last.

This, along with the long cycle times 6-7 hours, has prevented me from really enjoying my trip. I haven't seen anything I haven't cycled past(although some of that is very beautiful), and that's a shame.

So I think I'm going to adjust my goals so they are congruent with what will bring me joy and I'll pack up the bike, and just backpack around for the most part from now on. There is plenty of good biking at home.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on spending the night at this working farm. I'm not sure what to expect, but a local turned me on to it. I'm hoping it will be nice. I bet there won't be any internet.