Monday, March 17, 2003

I found out my cousin, an army reservist, has been called up. No word from the family grapevine where he's going to be put.

Due to my illness, I was able to catch the press conference with Bush, Blair, and the Spanish PM and the Portaguese PM. It was interesting to listen to Bush speak-as a whole, the speech he put out was pretty confusing. But, when I watched the news last night, they broke it up into 6 second sound bites. Which made me realize-the guy is trained to speak in those 6 seconds-and he's incapable of carrying on a sustained, long thought with proof and valid arguements. He's only capable of cowboy logic.

Notice I didn't say 'cowboy diplomacy'-that's a star trek phrase, and I wouldn't want to dirty anything Spock might have uttered once upon an episode.