Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Last night I went grocery shopping after the gym. It was my intention to buy the components of a favorite breakfast staple of mine-rice with raisins, and getting out of there spending less than $6. So I needed to buy some milk and some raisins.

Now-I didn't want to buy too much milk. I don't drink that much anymore, and I figured I wouldn't need more than a half gallon. Any more and it would most likely go bad in my fridge.

Well, a half gallon of milk costs almost as much as a gallon. Which sucks. And a gallon costs only a $1.50 less than 2 gallons. So I end up buying 2 gallons.

Which leads me to a state of semi-panic as I walk through the store. What am I going to do with the extra gallon? Should I bring it to work and donate it to the group there? Should I take it to my parent's house on Sunday, and give it to them? No, I decide, as I pass the jell-o isle. No, I shall make pudding. And I then buy two gallons of milk($4.50), a bag of raisins($2.75), and five packages of pudding(one pistaschio, one chocolate, one vanilla, two butterscotch-I really like butterscotch) for about $4.

So I spend about double what I expected. I was very disappointed in myself when I got home. So I made myself some pudding to feel better. And I did.