Monday, June 30, 2003

Sorry I haven't updated in a while-for the most part, the last few weeks have been kind of boring.

Although I have managed to do a few exciting things:
1) I read Kurt Vonnigut's "Breakfast of Champions." Decent book...but definately a guy thing.
2) I don't think I'm dating the nurse girl anymore. I don't think we really have anything in common.
3) I had dinner with a few friends last night at my place. I bbq'd them some steak. And they yelled at my neighbors, pissing them off until 10pm. That kind of bothered me.
4) I went to a party on Friday night. It was a housewarming party.
5) I discovered Linie's Berryweiss is the bomb.
6) Apparently one of my friends is planning on proposing to his girlfriend around Christmas.

That's it.