Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Big changes at the Turf Club. I bet it becomes much more like it's Irish bar brethren. Check this article at City Pages.

One of my fondest memories of that club has to be the photo booth. A friend of mine, Marnie Diker, and I vamped it up numerous times for that thing. I hope they keep it.

Last night I ended up changing my plans. Rather than kicking out the jams I changed my plans to go over to my friend Joe's house.

We were riding his motorcycle(mine is still in storage), sitting at a stoplight on Highway 55 in North Minneapolis and this moron behind us rear ends us. Really, it was just a tap but it just messed up his rear fender. And the Minneapolis Police took forever to get there and didn't even do an accident report.

After getting the bike towed to his house we watched Comedy Central. I had never seen The Chapelle Show so we watched that. It's funny, but it's kind of weird watching a black man tell racist jokes. If a white guy had done those jokes, I can't imagine people would tolerate it. I don't think I'd enjoy watching it.

Tonight is kick out the jams night.