Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yesterday I got Tiger.

My initial opinion?
It is slightly faster on my iBook. I like Dashboard(and especially the weather forecast applet). I haven't really tried the Automator but I'd imagine I'll like it. Though I'm kinda ho-hum on Spotlight but I could imagine that I'd like it much more if I had years and years(instead of just a month) worth of files and contacts on this machine. There are some tiny little things I like. For instance any user can now alter the performance settings(to control processor speed, screen sleep time, hard drive sleep, etc). And if you try to perform any action that requires admin level privileges it now prompts you for and admin username/password instead of just telling you you're not allowed.

I don't like how it handles firewire devices-before with my recording interface if I put the machine to sleep, I could safely unplug it. It appears that this is no longer the case. Kinda a bummer.

Show news: Tonight Of Montreal, who I discussed in a earlier post is playing. In fact, they start soon(early show).