Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day of Frivolity

Yesterday(Monday) I had lunch with my new supervisor. I thought lunch would be a good idea; an easy way to get to know him. He's a nice guy. He seems at most 30 or 31, and he's grown into the "head of IT" for the department. I suspect I'll end up more as a peer than a peon.

Today(Tuesday) was the first workday I haven't either shown up at MnSCU, been on vacation, or been sick. Or just shown up to have coffee (like yesterday, my first official day of not working there). I went on a walk, cycled, and watched 'Casino Royale'. Nice movie, and Eva Green is super hot and a really talented actress. Too bad about how it ends.

But tomorrow, rest assured, I'll be back at MnSCU with both my bells and (because I'll be cycling) spandex on to hold court for lunch. Right Sam?