Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Expand Your Mind Or Blow it Up?

With the change in jobs, I've taken it upon myself these last couple of weeks to peek my head outside of my little software development mental cubicle. I've been reading about development on Macintosh via it's Cocoa frameworks, more on Ruby on Rails, and Common Lisp.

I don't have a great deal of experience with desktop development but I've been suprised at the ease of development for the Mac platform-a nice mix of C (and the oodles of libs for it) and the idea of the "image" created by Interface Builder.

I like Ruby the language-I like it's lambda-ness...But Ruby on Rails feels, to me at this point in time, slightly seems like it forces a certain style of development and architecture. Of course I haven't done any real projects with it; just basic tutorial type stuff. But it makes me feel kinda nervous. We'll see if I like it in the real world.

Lisp. Granddaddy. It's got me fascinated and I want to learn more.