Friday, June 21, 2002

Last night, for all the help my parents have given me this last month, with my moving, my car problems, and for allowing me to come home when I can't stand going to my empty condo (I don't think I was ment alone. It's sad. It's boring.), I got them some gifts.

For my Dad, I got him a guitar. An Epiphone 6-string(a 350-S, to be specific). Nothing really nice, it only cost $130, but a accoustic with a solid wood soundboard. He used to play a long time ago, and he's wanted a new guitar for a long time, so I figured that it would be nice if I helped him with that. Now I just have to reteach him how to play...I figure by the 4th of July, he should have enough knowledge to play some basic stuff.

For my Mom, I don't know what to get her. I'd get her jewlery, but I couldn't get her anything really amazing. I guess I could get her a bunch of little nick-nacks, like a number of those adorable "Little People" dolls they sell at Hallmark or something. If any ultra-fine, ultra-tasteful ladies can think of an awesome $130 gift that a momma would like, please send me any ideas.

up till now, so like the last week, I've been writing this primarily for my own enjoyment. well, today I decided to let the cat out of the bag and let my small world know this was something I was doing.