Wednesday, June 12, 2002

So-it seems like this is the thing to do, and I'm not afraid of jumping on(and subsequently breaking) the bandwagon.

plus, I do have interesting things to say (as long as I don't all of a sudden get shy), and I might even have people that would read it. we'll see, won't we?

As a first post, yesterday my Grandfather died. My family wants me to say something for the wake. I was kind of thinking about saying something about how he really is here, alive, as much as he was before Tues at 8:30-because whenever I look in the mirror, or look at my family, or listen to how they and I speak and think, we've all got traits of his. Often his, really, if you look it in the right way(MINE, of course), he really is now a perfect human being.

The wake is on Thursday night, 5-7 and the Funeral is on Friday. Hopefully none of my relatives that have less-than-perfect traits will do something stupid.