Friday, May 09, 2003

So I went out for the third time on Wednesday night with this really cute nurse that I met. Her name is Niki. She's nice. Thus far, she's returned my emails, my phone calls, she's seems fun to be around, she's principled, she's smart, her perspective on the world is different from mine, she's responsible, and a number of things I don't have time to list here, as well as a number of things I don't know about her yet.

Now, all I'm left fretting if she'll think enough of me to keep this thing going.

At the same time, this girl I worked with for about a year named Kelly has been avoiding my few emails(like 4 in the last month). All I ever wanted was to be her friend, but it looks like it's not mutual. And it's just making me feel like shit in general-maybe even coloring my perspective with this Niki girl.

God, I'm so bad at rejection. Even when it doesn't really matter.