Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Last weekend I was in a friend's wedding as an usher. It was fun. I brought my friend Stephanie.

I want an iPod. Bad. Real bad. But in great WASPish tradition I'm trying to talk myself out of it because, technically, I don't need it.

But I might get a new, larger internal hard drive on the iBook. I've got about 250 albums loaded onto it(maybe a third of my collection), which works out to 11GB of music. And it's only a 30 GB hard drive. I'm thinking of buying the drive from the internet and getting FirstTech to install the new drive. Then, finally, buying Logic Pro.

Listening to Visqueen, and I still love them. Perfection. I ended up not going(because of the wedding) but I hope their show last Thursday was just packed.