Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Favoritest Chat EVER

My friend Sam and I just had this chat. It's awesome because we even got a little bit meta and talked about how this was an awesome chat. Enjoy!

me: lunch, tomorrow.
st. paul.
Sam: I might be having lunch with gary hayden-sofio. or not. depends on the weather.
me: if you didn't notice, the dude has two last names. does that factor in to your equation?
what is he hiding?
but my last name. Kohout.
Say it.
Sam: Hey, he puts his hyphens right out there on the table where you can see them. Ya gotta respect that.
Dude, that's the problem. Your own family can't agree how to say it.
me: Strong, good lunch partner, lasting memories.
only the side of the family you shouldn't trust.
Sam: Most families would hide that side with a hyphen.
Oh! Hmmm...
me: puts it all out there, huh? Well, which last name is his?
Sam: Well, let me check wtih Gary tomorrow what's up. We cancelled plans already last week cuz o' the rain. He must be on his motorcycle.
me: I'll bet he doesn't have a BMW. If he has a harley they don't run in the rain.
or if it's overcast, or if it's too sunny.
and gary's two last names won't keep him warm during the only season they do run:winter.
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me: this chat is awesome. I wanna put it up on my blog.
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Sam: [smile] Before this, here was my favorite chat o' the day: http://kellypuffs.wordpress.com/2007/08/27/and-now-the-winner-of-todays-whose-day-sucked-worst-award/#comment-15332
Oh wait. http://kellypuffs.wordpress.com/2007/08/27/and-now-the-winner-of-todays-whose-day-sucked-worst-award/
skipping to the comment is no fair
me: that's pretty good.
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