Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Mike Society Foundation: Planning for FY 2008

As many of you know I'm the Founder, Chairman, President, as well as chief beneficiary of the Mike Society Foundation.

Given the positive economic developments our primary fundraisers, we here at the foundation are pleased to begin planning the next year.

But with greater ability, comes greater responsibility. And there are certainly many needs within the core Mike Society Foundation demographic. Where should these monies be spent?

The Mikes we focus on are in dire need for better transportation: so, a new car. We might be able to get them new cars-Ford Rangers can be had for like 11k.

Educationally, except for basic music education, their needs can he met for essentially free.

Residentially, the Mikes need to get out of their squalor...they need new couches, and to get their bathroom redone. It wouldn't hurt to get them some wood flooring. Wood flooring is far more sanitary.

Socially, the Mikes should meet some ladies. Luscious, intelligent, and pillow-lipped Goddesses. But no amount of money can solve these problems for Mikes...and, as much as I live them, do we really want Mikes to get the chance to reproduce?