Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cars are depressing

One of the main reasons I switched jobs was because it made car ownership less of a pipe dream...but the cars I want. Damn. When did an economy car start costing 13 Large?

All I want is something small built with quality that gets good gas milage. It doesn't have to come with very many options; air conditioning being my only real requirement.

Ford Rangers are like 14k, ditto Chevy Cobalts(mechanically the Cobalt is just a warmed-over Cavalier), and the Honda Fit/Civic is even more.

That leaves me with the Toyota Yaris. I suppose it might be ok-it is a Toyota after all, but it's not got the stellar review that other Toyotas have gotten.

I don't even consider Kias or Hyundais cars. In my state they are legally designated as "Shitboxes" on the title. Seriously.

The worst of it all, though? For 10 Grand I can buy a really awesome motorcycle. Should I just skip the car? It's tempting.