Monday, August 04, 2003

I bet none of you will guess what happened to me this weekend.....

I got hit by a this car when I was cycling around my parent's place on Sunday. I'm pretty much ok, so is my bike, and so is the car (and the girl who was driving it). But I've learned several things:

Cops, Coon Rapids Porkers at least, suck ass. After the incident, I called the police to get them to send a squad out to check me out and everything. Well, even though it's clear I'm fine, she's fine, and the bike is fine, they give me a fine. Personally, I'd like them to shred the whole thing-I've had worse falls from a bike than this. But because there was an accident report filed we have to appear before court. They, the Coon Rapids prosecutors, say that they might let it slide then.

I am really glad I don't live in Coon Rapids anymore. The place is a strip mall hell.