Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm house sitting my sister's place while the rest of my family are in Florida. Boring. I like my sister's place-it's in a nice place(on Grand Ave), wood floors, etc but it's small. Like 500 sq ft. My condo is almost twice the size.

Anyway, I ended up watching PBS. Funding Drive. Ugh. Now, as evidenced by my donation to the current, I don't have any problems with funding drives for public radio or (in this case) tv. But why do the people asking for the donations have to be sooo unlikeable? The program they were running was on the St John's Bible a project started by my old school. The jackasses called us St. John's College! WTF! We're like, 90 minutes north of Minneapolis. We're one of the best private liberal arts colleges in the state! Winningest football coach of all time! Hamline University isn't called Hamline College. No one ever calls the University of St. Thomas St. Thomas College. Bethel University is sometimes called Bethel College, but that's because they renamed themselves from that only a little while ago. And that is just one example of the way they bothered me. They were just grating.

Anyway, the show I was watching was cool. I learned some things. And I always get kinda nostalgic when I see the old tundra. Still kinda feels like home.

Oh-a link to a version of the bible you can by from Amazon
A place where you can buy prints of the illuminations (via SJU)