Sunday, March 06, 2005

Last night, I went out with a new friend(maybe more) to Buca de Beppo and the Kid Dakota show at First Avenue.

Buca was good, if a little bit too much. I've got a couple days of lunch from the encounter in my fridge.

At the show we ran into Courtney, a friend and fellow CSCI major and KJNB exile from St. John's/St. Ben's. She was always so cool and so smart....All the computer nerds and music geeks just fawned over her. She was really nice when I told her that I was in a first date type situation...A good wingwoman for the few minutes the three of us talked.

The show was good, and I was in bed(alone) by two. We're going to go out on Thursday, the last day of our shared creative writing class(the lucky girl sat next to me, impressed with my paper-scribbles).

On book news:
I finished Tender is the Night today.

It was great.

But.....I expected there to be a much more dramatic ending, I kept waiting to see Dick collapse. I didn't expect the slow falling apart the last chapter in the last book detailed(not that there was very much detail, but....).

Next Book: Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency--Something fun and profound.
After that: Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury
After that: The Collected works of Carrottop, by the prop comic of the same name. If the first few chapters can successfully link his existential philosophy, his ideas of wacky prop comedy, and his lifelong training to be an enormous idiot it could be a great(and educational) read.