Monday, September 16, 2002

I can't sleep tonight-so I decided to go to Perkins with Joe. He went out with these people from his work to the 90s. Afterwards, we met up at a Perkins in St. Paul. I guess his girlfriend dumped him because he didn't want to move in with her (to be honest, she's a really horrible mooch-she really wanted him to move in to defer her costs). I guess this wasn't even something even discussed before.

So anyways we meet at Perkins. He tells me his sob story. He tells me of these girls he just met. He tells me his (now) ex-girl doesn't want to be an ex anymore (she pulled this little stunt on Sunday morning, fyi). So he asks me if he should forget her little mistake and take her back. I say no, that there really isn't a future with this girl, that ultimately she's just trying to use him, and that he shouldn't go over to her place after we leave perkins. I explain that I don't think it was unacceptable for her to ask him to move in, but it was unfair to hinge this to the continuation of their relationship (a kinda young relationship at that-about 4 months or so). After all that he decides he's going to go over to her place (she invited him over) and get the last fuck then leave her spare key on the dresser. I think it's a bad idea. But oh well.

Now I'm kind of tired so I'm going to sleep. I'll update the whole situation with the cousin wedding on Saturday later today.