Friday, September 13, 2002

last night I had a dream where my dog died......really vivid.

tomorrow is my cousin's wedding. I'm kind of bummed-I'm not taking anyone so I know I'll just end up sitting around with my Uncles and my Father, talking about the same old crap, listening to the same old stories, the same old jokes (I think he "duck joke" is still a real knee-slapper for some of them)......

my sister wants me to leave after the wedding to go hang out with her and one of her old friends(Kelly--the girl who was up at my Aunt and Uncle's cabin 4th of July weekend). That may be better-we'll see. Both of them are kind of reckless (yet still, while being reckless my sister is boring. Don't know how she does it) and that kind of frustrates me.

I'm giving my cousin a set of salt and pepper shakers. They'll eat it up.