Thursday, September 12, 2002

I had a school dream last night. I was in the book store at St John's, looking at a classes books trying to decide if I should enroll. Murph was teaching it, it was a book on the economics of government-Keynesian economics, I think, and how governments use Keynes.

Even in my dream I was fretting because I knew there would be a lot of reading(Murph was famous for assigning 300-400 pages to be read over 2 days)....but I was really excited to do it.

I've been waiting for a sign for when I'd be ready to go back to school...this may have been it. So tonight I'm going to send in my app for St. Thomas.

On a related note St John's called me last night asking for money. Donations. I said I'd think about giving them some. But I don't know if I really feel like it yet.