Monday, September 23, 2002

This weekend was a good one-and if it could have two themes, they would be:
1) Perkins is at it's best between 2am and 5am(spent Friday and Saturday nights there with Joey and Matt)
2) Is it ok to call someone who hasn't seen you in like, 5 years?

Theme #1 hardly needs explaination...if you roll with the K-Dog you already know this to be fact. There ain't much better than the fly early am Perkins waitstaff. They be as hot as their griddles.

But theme #2 does. Ok-in high school there was this girl I knew....we dated senior year of high school and I tried to keep in contact with my freshman year of college till it just got too hard. Well, I'm pretty sure I saw her this weekend, for the first time since then. And damn. She looked exactly the same, seemed to act the same....everything about her I liked was there. Anyways. This makes me want to call her up. She's listed(in fact it's the same number as in high school). Is that cool, or just kinda stalkerish?

I'd appreciate some counsel.