Sunday, July 28, 2002

I din't get to updating the blog on the end of my trip, but now I'm back (sitting in front of my parent's computer, eating their food, enjoying their air conditioning).

so these were the tangable totals of the ride:
516.26 miles,
in 41 hours and 25 minutes,
with a max speed of 41.4 miles per hour (down a hill),
and an average speed of 12.4 mph.

How much did I spend? Too much. About $450 when you include the Greyhound down, the cab, the food, the bike fixes, the cost of the actual ride, and my ride home.

But I think it was worth it-I feel more superior than a vegan at the Republican National Convention. And that analogy makes sense 'cause you know a vegan would feel very self-rightous in that environment. I also feel more fit-right now they're sore, but my legs feel better overall. I also feel tan-even though I wore sunscreen all week I still got enough sun to turn me from slightly Minnesota pasty to a slightly golden brown (though I'm a little red too).

anyways, next year I'm going to take some more people along with me, if they'll go. I think my Dad is sick of the Oshgosh air show, so he could skip that and come along. Plus I'd like to get my sister plus a few friends to give it a shot. Who knows.

well, back to squirting out software tomorrow. oh well.