Tuesday, July 02, 2002

went to buffalo wild wings last night....then went over to where a few of my friends live(Zack and Joey)....ended up staying up until 3am.

I tried to get up to do my morning ride at five, but man, it was weird. Every once in a while I have these really intense dreams that just kind of follow you out of sleep-like the kind where for that brief second you really believe you parents are dead, you dogs are dead, that you're back in high school, plus some good ones like you reach across the bed, expecting someone else to be there.

Anyways, I ended up having this wierd dream that I was in the Army......except it was like the 'Full Metal Jacket' type-Army(although "Full Metal Jacket was about Marines, right? Well, we can't expect my dreams to be totally fact-checked) and I think I was dreaming that I was on leave.

I think it could have been triggered by me thinking that I spotted one of my old roommates from college last night-he was ROTC, and every morning at 5am he'd wake me up as he got ready for his morning runs. He really pissed me off, and when we graduated I laughed my ass of as they stationed him in Alabama, as an MP, when he thought all through college they'd station him in Germany and allow him to go directly to law school(so he could serve as a JAG).

Of course, I also laughed at how my sister shot him down, every time, when he tried to impress her with his silly Army shit. I swear to God, every time he saw her(or any girl for that matter) he'd take out his uniform and explain how he'd gotten his pseudo-medals he got for his training.

Although to make it perfectly clear I didn't think he was an asshole for these things, but he most certainly was(he tried to physically threaten me a number of times). And I viewed these things as nice little ways to get back.

wow, did this post not really have a point.....oh well, it's not like anyone reads them.