Friday, July 19, 2002

Last night I went and hung out with the 'rents. I went to the bike shop to get a box for my bike (for my trip). I also went hunting for a new hockey/duffle bag, to hold my stuff. My old hockey bag, after years of abuse finally died after last year's trip and now I need a new one. By the time I got home, about 8:30, the only thing open was SportMart. What a crappy store. I kid you not-this place, despite acres of floorspace had virtually no hockey equipment. I guess they needed all the space for their shitty running shorts and crappy huffy bikes.

I was thinking of trying play-it-again sports or Letterman's ( old school hockey/sports store ). They'll have what I need.

Well, this is the last post before my trip. I'll update in route if I can but if not I'll keep a written journal which I'll then post afterwards. If I'm motivated.

if I can get on-line, I'll also check my email@ yahoo. username: mwkohout server: My ass and I would appreciate any documented incidents of good wishes/love/promises for sex (but only from girls) or money .