Monday, July 15, 2002

It's been almost a week since my last update. I've been filling my time with biking and work mostly.

Saturday I went on a 20 mile ride on my road bike with Chris Kosel from work-a good ride. The trail was all gravel, and my ass was pretty sore from it yesterday. Afterwards, I ended up hanging out with Joe, Zack, Matt--typical Weekend stuff. Cards, Coffeeshop, and the required amount of bitching and moaning about the week.

Sunday, I went for another ride in uptown and around the lakes(Harriet and Calhoun)-also spent way too much time in the music store checking out amp modellers. Then I worked most of the night, from about 6 pm on till about 3:30.

This morning I got up at 7. I'm kind of tired now.

for anyone who is interested, my email is all your customer inquiries there :-).