Thursday, July 25, 2002

This morning I woke up in Charles City, at about 5:30 to discover my sleeping bad and pillow had been drenched with rain. Got on the road by 7:00 after a shower. Ate a pork chop for lunch, talked to a bunch of people, learned about recumbants, saw a guy that had the type of bike Chris Kosel has, but newer (He bought it used for $600! What a steal). Drank some Nestea(did you know it's manufactured in Iowa? It is!). Got into town by 5:30 and ate some spaghetti from the Knights of Columbus. Not bad food.

I broke a couple spokes today-luckily I was within blocks of a repair shop both times. Cost me $23 though-which adds up. Since I have so much trouble with the spokes in my rear tire I need to figure out how to do stuff with my rims myself-with the money I'd save I could buy some nice stuff, like better rims.

Anyways, I'm going to bed now. Only two more days and then I can become clean.