Monday, July 01, 2002

So....I ended up spending the entire weekend at my parents. Kinda fun, don't have pesky neighbors that tell me to be quiet, get to eat for free(plus the grub is pretty good), and I don't have to wake up in an empty house.

When I got home last night, I found a letter from my condo manager in my mailbox-I guess the people above me have used some time in their last years to chew off the ear of that guy, about my music. It's a pain in the ass, and I don't understand these people's problems. The only ones complaining are the people above me, neither the people right next to my living room nor the people on the other side, to where my amps are aiming are complaining. In fact, I asked them if I was bothering them and they said they couldn't hear a thing. It blows me away that this one person could totally ruin this place for me. Then again, while some of the (old) people that live there are nice, many are nasty mean old people.

Anyways, wrote another song last night. So far, I figure I've got between 7 - 9 good tunes that I enjoy playing. Although I haven't quite gotten around to recording them yet....maybe soon though. Although I don't know if the final count of this batch will be 7-9, I've been toying with combining them(they all kinda float around in the key of C) ...sometimes it seems as if they are kind of simple and I'd like them to be a little more stimulating to play and listen. Now I've just got to find some vocals....shouldn't be that hard. I've got 6 years of poetry saved up(ends up being around 5 or 6 filled notebooks, a single poem to a page).

oh, it looks like after the death of John Entwistle The Who are still going on tour. So I'm still going to take the old man to see that. Should still be interesting. I hope they won't alter the tour taking it out of Minnesota.